SJ’s horror posts around the web

So along with everything else, I’ve been getting out and about in blog-world this month, which has partially been what’s been holding up posts here. So instead of shoving a separate post for every link I have out there, I decided to take pity on you and give you a run-down in one easy, comprehensive list (Well, two. We’ll go by theme. Then I can still easily come up with content for another post without working too hard, heh, heh, heh).

Since it is Women in Horror Month, I’ve actually been doing some guest blogging about horror. Amazing, I know.

Mocha Memoirs Press Blog: I’m talking this month about some of my tender introductions to two powerhouse lady horror writers: Nancy A. Collins and Shirley Jackson. Yes, I have the wrong title for Shirley Jackson – it should be The Haunting of Hill House. This is proof that I am not perfect and need to remind myself to re-check things when I blog late at night. However, the sentiments are the same and these are two authors you need to know because damn, if they don’t get it right. Collins is master of the gory, the over-the-top uncomfortable, and probably an early-ish powerhouse of what would come to be known as urban fantasy.It’s rumored that her work was stolen/riffed on for Underworld, so if that kind of a vibe with a very graphic bent intrigues you, she’s awesome. And Shirley Jackson is a master at suspense, at the subtle, at the psychological that will still make you ungodly uncomfortable and think about what’s possible a little too much.

In celebration of Big Bad 2, I’m taking part in discussions about Bad Guys at Party Talk! Come see who we all think of as the consummate villain, the ultimate bad guy we’ve come across. My answer’s a little out of the box, but I stand by it, at least in terms of vampires, and I think I know a little something about vampires…

Speaking of Party Talk, we’re also talking about what type of a villain we’d be. Sure, I love monsters, I have a soft spot for vampires, but I think my answer might surprise you…

Plus, we also pow-wowed to talk about what makes a villain. Some of our answers may make you raise your eyebrows.

Susan has once again lost her mind and put me on her blog for Valentine’s Day, and I’m sharing one of my quickie horror shorts from Lost in the Shadows. That story took a particular inspiration from walking through the woods everyday on the island of Manteo, a city where there is a ton of history crammed into a small space. I also read a lot of horror that summer while hiding out in a little local bookshop, so somehow the two experiences fed off each other and The Invisibles is what became of that. So go read it and buy our book.

John Hartness has me on his blog to discuss the evolution of my new story in Big Bad 2: A Family Affair. I talk vampires, women’s roles, the fifties, and my one little gripe with one of my favorite movies – ever proof that even things you love can tick you off, yet you can still find inspiration from them. Also, while what he says is true, I’d like to point out that yes, I got lucky in having Real Wilde Childe taken by him…though I did email him repeatedly asking if he really wanted me to submit, warts and all. This is what happens when you’re an overcommunicator burning the candle at every end. Still, deadlines are there for a reason, and I do prefer to follow them. That being said, I’ll never stop blushing at his commentary on my vampire stories, because lord knows I love his series like none other.

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