Olde School in Preditor&Editor Reader’s Poll!

2014 was definitely a mixed bag for me personally, but one thing that came out of it that I’m so proud of is Olde School. So I’m surprised and pleased to find it’s been put on the 2014 Preditor & Editor Reader’s Poll in two categories – Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Young Adult! Things like this may seem annoying because the links pop up a lot and everyone is sharing them, but they’re important because they keep indie and small press titles under people’s noses. Reader awareness is so important these days in a world where new titles are flooding the market all the time. So even if you don’t vote for me, vote for your fave and share the inks in honor of these great titles and the authors who have worked their butts off to bring them to you!

Young Adult category link

Sci-Fi/Fantasy category link


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