Night Owl Reviews Winter Booklovers Contest!

So I know I don’t have to ask if we all like books, right? Of course we do, especially now that it’s getting cold and it’s all fun and cozy to curl up with a good read before bed or during a lazy afternoon (so I’m told. I have no idea what the concept of a lazy afternoon is, but I’ve heard it’s lovely).

So if I tell you there’s a chance to win gift cards so you could just get all the fun reads you want, you’d be into that, right?

Yeah, I know, I’m speaker of the obvious. It’s part of my charm.

What this really translates to is that Night Owl Reviews is doing their Winter Booklovers Contest from Nov 10-Dec 10 (right in time for holiday shopping, too)! Check out the site, go to the rafflecopter, and enter to win some truly fantastic prizes in Amazon Gift Cards.

You can enter to win here! 

Or you can hit the graphic in my sidebar while the contest is still going on!

And, of course, be sure to check out all the awesome books by the authors who are participating!

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