Motivation from the Oddest Places…

Do you ever have those periods of life where you’re just going and going, and you feel like you’re just flinging yourself around by the seat of your pants?

I get like that every so often, and this year has been a big one for it. I’ve always been incredibly hard on myself, so re-learning how to balance my time (or rather not mastering it immediately) tends to give my psyche a field day lately. That and a lot of other little frustrations roll up into a big ball of negative energy that feels like it’s ready to stomp my head in some days. My to do list makes me stand like a deer trying to cross a highway with a car barreling at it driven by the fastest maniac possible.

And then the universe reminds me that I have options and it’s time to take a breath and stop freezing and move on. I’ve joked a lot about how certain songs follow me until I get the message . ‘Let it Be’ stalked me repeatedly for like two years at one point – in muzak, on the radio, on mix cds people gave me, on stuff I saw at random stores that had no business having Beatles merch in them…

Earlier this year when I was really frustrated with myself Katy Perry’s Firework played all the time on the radio and muzak where I worked. I attributed this to the tastes of the area until one day when I was irritable and made the stupid mistake of growling at the universe “well what the hell am I SUPPOSED to think about me!?”

I kid you not, not five minutes later I walked around the corner and nearly ran into a marching band playing Firework.

Apparently the ruler of the universe is a DJ and has a sick sense of humor.

I’ve also mentioned (and I’ve got to do a post on this later) how Nikki Sixx’s book This is Gonna Hurt is a huge influence on me. And while I appreciate his insight, this book has the damndest habit of opening to the page that I need to kick sense into me at any given time. Same with his fb page – he’ll post some really insightful things….right when I need to be put in check or need to keep things in mind.

While this is helpful, this is also really annoying. I mean I get over it and appreciate the life help, but I will admit that there are more than a few times I’ve growled some choice things under my breath.

Today’s life message, though, is all my own. I was working on my laptop a few days ago, fretting about some things, over-thinking about some others, when the battery icon started blinking. Like most people, I ignore this until the last possible minute, because I hate digging for my cord. I know, first world problems.

Anyway, I get a message when I absolutely need to do something or have my laptop turned into a paperweight, and for the first time I really read the message and was flummoxed:

Plug in or find another power source.

Is it really that easy? Is it really about finding something to re-orient myself with, plugging myself back into what made me passionate about my work in the first place? Letting myself get intrigued and excited about ideas? Can I really choose where I draw my energy from, what I focus on? Is it that simple (and that difficult to let go and re-align)? Can I really function without something to worry about? Does my laptop really have a better handle on what I need than I do?

Time will tell, but this is definitely a message I needed right at this moment. I’m working on adapting my schedule a little at a time, taking a deep breath, and plunging on to the next thing.

Funny how that happens.


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