More reviews and guest posts!

I’m here, I swear! I wanted to pass around some links of places I visited at the end of the blog tour that I didn’t share yet, so that is today’s business!

Exquisite Corpse – I did a guest post here about the enduring appeal of fairy tales. It’s an issue that’s near and dear to my heart and I could easily talk your ear off and put you to sleep for a hundred years discussing it.

Bees Knees Reviews – A really wonderful, heartfelt review of Olde School. I love all sorts of feedback, but it really makes me happy when someone latches onto the story with the same fervor I felt writing it!

I Smell Sheep – Paddlelump struggles to write a post about troll stereotypes in modern Kingdom City society. Ippick helps.

Seers, Seraphs, Immortals, and more! – A really excellent interview about the process behind Olde School. This is quite possibly the only time in life I’ll ever be referred to as brilliant, stunning, or incandescent, so I plan on milking this for all it’s worth. That’s right, I’m INCANDESCENT. I’m thinking this should at least be a blurb on book two, and I may have to start using that description on all my business cards.  I love this interview because I was given the chance to show my less snarky, more positive side about genre fiction and how I approach writing. And the Paddlelump evolution story is in this one, too. I haven’t gotten a restraining order yet and people keep getting amused about it, so that’ll probably make it’s way into a post about character development someday.


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