Kickin’ it Olde School, TCM tour style!



And so it begins…

Today starts a week-long tour for Olde School, handled by Tomorrow Comes Media. I’m really excited about all the activities lined up! I want to make sure people can follow along if they want, so here is the schedule:


May 26        SpecMusicMuse                                      Review/Interview
May 26        Vampires, Witches, and me oh my!      Guest Post
May 27        Alexx Momcat’s Gateway Book Blog      Character Post
May 27        Watch Play Read                                    Review
May 28        Fantastical Adventures in the Paper Realm     Review
May 28        Sheila Deeth Blog                                     Character Post
May 28        Close Encounters with the Night Kind      Review
May 29        Deal Sharing Aunt                                     Promo/Spotlight
May 29       Workaday Reads                                       Reviews
May 30       Exquisite Corpse                                       Guest Post
May 31      Bee’s Knees Reviews                                Review
May 31      I Smell Sheep                                             Character Post
June 1       Seers, Seraphs, Immortals and More!        Interview

For the full run-down on the tour, check out the official link here!

With that in mind, I’m hoping to have a few unique talents on my blog as well this week while I’m doing all this other stuff, so we’ll see how that works out! If it goes the way I think it will, it’s going to be…interesting, at the very least.



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