Guest posts and giveaways

I wanted to share some guest posts I’ve been doing lately. I’m really hopeful and warmed by the response we’ve gotten from people once SH Roddey and I started explaining our line of thought behind Lost in the Shadows. Thanks to all who have helped spread the word and to all who have picked up a copy so far!

First off, Ellie put both of our excerpts up on her blog, so you can get a taste for some of the different genre work, as well as our different styles.  You can check out the spotlight HERE

We’re also featured on Juniper Grove right now, and there’s a giveaway going on for the next week or so. You could win a kindle copy of Lost in the Shadows, and find out more about us and the book at that post here, as well.

Ellie also had me contribute to her blog this month, and admittedly I went a little off the cuff and went on (and on and on) about a soft spot I tend to have in life. It’s not that I’ll immediately jump someone for saying they’re not creative, but I tend to passionately believe that we’re all put here with basic capabilities, and I don’t like to hear cop outs. I like to challenge people, whether they’re reading my work or creating their own, so I decided to talk about creativity for this post. Believe me, I edit myself way more when I do guest posts than I do in my actual writing or conversation (depending on the audience, time, and place).

So check those out, grab a copy of the book if you’re so inclined, and see if you’re sitting on a pile of creativity that’s just waiting to be unleashed!

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