Guest post at JC Martin’s site!

I did a guest post for the lovely JC Martin a few days ago, and this is one I’m pretty proud of.  I’m talking a little bit about co-authoring Lost in the Shadows, and what would make SH Roddey and I cram together a hodgepodge of different stories and genres in the first place. The thing is, we have our reasons. Most of them are out of utter love for ideas and inspiration and imagination. Some of them were out of defiance and frustration. Either way, it helped us birth a fantastic collection of stories that we’re both mad in love and wicked proud of. So here’s a little of the post, and you can follow the rest at the link:



Co-Writing LOST IN THE SHADOWS by Selah Janel Part of the reason I’m a writer is that I have a love affair with ideas. I’ve been this way forever. I can’t walk down a street without wondering what might live in the flowers or what could lurk behind the drainage grates. Little things that people say, paintings I walk by, music I hear — it all goes into the mental vault to be boiled together and used in some different way. Luckily, my friend and co-author S.H. Roddey feels the same.

Follow the rest of the post…

Lost - 400x600

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