Now on Nook: The Other Man

I’m really excited to announce that The Other Man is now available on, so those of you who prefer Nook format can now check the story out! You can find that version HERE 

As I’ve said before, this story is a little bit of an oddity for me in that there’s nothing speculative about it. However, if you’ve read me long enough you know why I enjoyed writing it. I love exploring relationships and it was interesting for me to write against my attitude and embrace Andrew’s irritation at life and how he feels he’s been cheated.  It was interesting for me to let my cynical side out and to play with all the little things that might tick a couple off at each other.  It was also fascinating to figure out just what secrets Andrew was hiding and why he’s really so anxious. With his wife, Bethany, I got to explore my own love of music and how that might be misinterpreted by the unenlightened as something…else. Really, a lot of thought went into this thing, and I’m proud of how well it came together.

Plus, we all know I love writing children, and this gave me a chance to exploit some of my own notorious childhood behavior in the character of Miranda.



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All Andrew wanted was the typical American dream: a good career, a nice house, and a loving family. Instead, he has a dead-end job, a cramped apartment, and children who remind him of creatures out of a sci-fi movie. He’s also well aware that he’s not the only man who inhabits his wife’s thoughts and daily life. How can he put up a fight when he’s reminded of the competition every time Bethany turns on the CD player? After one eventful evening meal when expectations, disappointments, and secrets collide, life will never be the same.

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