Cover Reveal: Lost in the Shadows by Selah Janel and S.H. Roddey

So remember that secret project I’ve been alluding to?

A while back, Susan and I talked about what to do with some short shorts that were homeless and decided to put together a packet for conventions. Once we started digging in our respective drives, we realized we had a lot more than a pamphlet worth. We had a book. If it was anyone else texting me the idea, I probably would have thought they were nuts, but somehow it seemed natural to me to jam it onto my already packed to do list. You know those people who just instinctively get you and who you just somehow understand on a cellular level? That’s Susan and me. We work well together and she has yet to reveal the horribly stupid things that come out of my mouth most of the time, so what the hey, right? Besides, I wanted homes for some of the weirder pieces that were wandering around, I wanted people to see the short shorts and odd tidbits that inhabit my mind on any given day. She felt the same. And because we’re masochists, we decided to put it together ourselves.  This is the result.

Lost - 400x600

Forty-seven shorts are in this baby. Some are clear, standard stories. Some are little scenes that give your imagination a path to follow. Some are a little more formless. Some are beautiful, some are strange, some are a little terrifying. Just as a person is made up of all different sides, this book is made up of all different types. The thing they have in common is that these ideas spoke to us at any given moment, and we were inclined to follow where they led.

Shadows themselves aren’t scary, you know. You have to know what casts them in order to figure out how you feel. I’m not saying it’s good to wander down dark alleys, but in terms of ideas, I think it’s important to get off the path every now and again, see what’s in the forest, see what’s hiding deep in the underbrush. It’s only then that you’re really free to play with those sorts of elusive ideas. Sometimes they’ll do what you want, others, not so much. Either way, though, they’re bound to provide interesting results. Are you really lost if you decide to make a home deep in the forest? Are you really doing something “wrong” if you decide to run with an idea, no matter what the end result is, even if it’s a little atypical? That’s something only time will tell, but I don’t think there’s a wrong here. I think these tales are different, but wrong? Never.

These are some of the shadows we’ve encountered in our wanderings and put into form. We hope you enjoy them.

I’ll have more details when this is released, and it will be available in e-formats and print, as well. We’re both very excited about this one, so I hope you’ll all check it out!

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