Blogging monthly for Mocha Memoirs Press!

I’ve been asked to blog monthly for Mocha Memoirs Press, because they’re awesome and for some reason they haven’t realized how much terror I can potentially bring to their masses. So, since I’ve been unleashed on the populace at large, I decided to do a couple of fun things in my monthly slot (the fourteenth of every month).

I’ll be asking different MMP authors about themselves, their writing, and some rather silly questions in what I like to call Seven Questions with Selah Janel.

In turn, they’ll be able to give me a random writing prompt that I have to churn out a short bit of writing to. (See? I’m fair; they get to turn the tables on me after I torture them!)

This month, since I’ve been really sick and was pressed for time, I’m interviewing myself, and had Siobhan Kinkade provide the prompt.

To check out the zaniness that ensued, you can find that post HERE 

There are also a lot of other MMP authors who are helping out with the blog, so you should check out all the offerings for the month of March that have been posted so far. You might discover a title you want to read, an author you connect with, or just find some fun stuff to kill a little bit of time with. What have you got to lose?

I hope to get back on schedule here soon. Like I said, I’m recuperating and will need a little time to get back to a hundred percent and get organized again. I’m up to the challenge, though! So in the meantime, enjoy that post, and I’ll see what else I can come up with!

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