Another Roundtable at Sean Taylor’s Blog!

So is writing the actual process of coming up with a story, or does it involve all the re-writing that sometimes follows? What part of the process is editing and what part is still crafting the story? Is it all part of the story-writing process since it all contributes to the final work, or is there a line that marks the division between story crafting and all the other bells and whistles? For all you writers out there, do you write your tales in one fell swoop or do you end up rewriting to fully shape what’s in your head?

Confused? Yeah, join the club. It’s an ever-changing process, and a convoluted one at that. Writing and re-writing was the focus of this week’s round table discussion at Sean Taylor’s blog, and the question brought out a lot of interesting answers from a lot of talented authors.

Curious to see what we all had to see? Be sure to check out his post (and his blog in general, because it’s an awesome writer resource) HERE

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