Stuff Around the Web!

So I wanted to point your attention to some fun stuff I’ve been part of lately!

First, for all the writers out there – are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you prefer to detail out every point of your story or do you think of a basic concept and totally wing it? I’m a mixture, so I suppose I would be a plantser..or a plonter. Or something. At any rate, this was the subject of another great round table discussion at Sean Taylor’s Blog, so you should totally see what everyone had to say. You can find that discussion HERE 

I’ve also gotten a chance to take over Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace blog! You can find a guest post, author info, and an excerpt from In the Red there, so be sure to wander her way and check that out, too! You can find the takeover post HERE

Of course, I’ve already mentioned a few times that it’s Women in Horror Recognition Month. Not only do they have a great facebook page, but there is a website dedicated to the cause, so you should CHECK IT OUT! 

For all you Facebook peeps, please check out the Seventh Star Soundoff group. You’ll be able to get news and interact with Seventh Star Press – there’s all sorts of fun stuff going on there! You can check that out HERE

Plus, Mocha Memoirs Press is also celebrating another genre celebration: African American SciFi Month! To check out their site and celebration, click on the graphic below:


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