Women and Horror Guest Post: Herika R. Raymer

So as part of Women in Horror Month, I’ve decided to tap the talented brains of some horror writers (original, I know). I want to know what inspires other women to get into the horror genre, what interests them about a world that’s so associated with testosterone. First up is the very talented and insightful Herika R. Raymer!


What inspires you to write horror?

An affinity for the genre I would say. Most girls like chick-flicks and posh films; I am more into science fiction and especially horror. Oh I know there are more gals like me, and I am SO happy when I meet them. Still, I write horror because things frighten me and it helps when I write it out.

Why do you love to write horror?

Because I like attempting to bring back old fashioned horror rather than current gore, torture, and slash. There are aspects of life that are very horrific, and not all of them involve the insides seeing the outside. Disappearances of loved ones, unexplained phenomenon, and then there are the personal fears – so much material, so little time.

What challenges you to write horror?

The reward when the attempt to reach an audience that appreciates horror stories that do not necessarily involve, as mentioned before, torture and other unpleasantries actually succeeds! Yes, such things are nasty, but I prefer psychological horror where the reader’s imagination is allowed to run wild. It has usually been my experience that one’s imagination can be much more terrible than anything actually written down or shown on the screen. Usually.

What are your favorite titles?

The Stand by Stephen King
Just about anything by H. P. Lovecraft
Non-fiction crime titles by Ann Rule
The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris
The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

Thank you for your time!


Learn more about Herika at her site HERE!

2 thoughts on “Women and Horror Guest Post: Herika R. Raymer

  1. Like a lot of your titles here. I’ve started writing horror first and I’ve moved away from it a bit. Recently had a few dark erotic pieces published, and that was more of a “nod” back to those roots. Good to read others with a bit of that dark side.

    1. Oh definitely! I think it’s interesting to explore that bolder, darker side of things in genre, whether it’s straight up horror or an undercurrent of another genre or plot.

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