Shannon McRoberts: Athine Verses

I have another awesome author to present for you today! I love fantasy. I love myths. I love badass leading ladies. Therefore, these books by Shannon McRoberts were some I obviously had to share! Shannon has written a rockin’ character post for today, but before we get to that I want to share the blurbs on some of her titles.


Athine Book 1 Purple-webversion

Athine Verses: The Beginning (Daughters of Ares Chronicles) by Shannon McRoberts
genre: Fantasy
100 pages

Athine has always been told that she is to be the protector of Olympus, Ximira, and Draosia. She has trained for years to be this protector and future ruler. But Athine has no desire to be ruler of a conquered land. She wants only to have her own adventures. She gets her wish when she is tested in the A’samrad and finds out that she has the power to kill other immortals…


Athine Book 2 Purple-webversion


Athine Verses: The Narkurru (Daughters of Ares Chronicles) by Shannon McRoberts
genre: Fantasy
83 pages

Athine has accepted her appointed fate as protector of the N’Loron. She successfuly protected the veil between worlds for years, but now a new threat emerges from within the veil. Follow Athine on another great adventure to protect her world and keep the veil between worlds safe!



 Athine Book 3 Redo Purple-webversion

Athine Verses: The Blood Sisters (Daughters of Ares Chronicles) by Shannon McRoberts
genre: Fantasy
108 pages

Ever wondered what happened to the dragons or where vampires came from? Follow Athine on her adventure as she uncovers these and other secrets of the immortal born.


Athine Book 4 Crossover-webversion

Worlds Collide: A Crossover Novella by Shannon McRoberts
genre: Fantasy

The N’Loron is only days away from breaking in Athine’s world. Strange beings are crossing over through the tears in the veil. Athine must choose between the stability of the N’Loron in her realm and her very life. Journey with Athine on her quest to fix the N’Loron. Will this be her last?


Intrigued yet? Curious? Want to know about Athine? Good, because I just happen to have a character post here…


Character Post:  Athine’s Journal

Being the protector of the N’Loron is not always as glamorous as it sounds.  I never wanted anything more than to have my own adventures.  I guess maybe I was young and foolish to think I could escape destiny.  The Fates told me that I was going to lead one way or another.  Some days I wish I could just sink back down into anonymity.  It would definitely be easier.

I know that this path has brought me some great things like meeting the father of my daughter Isis and finding a bond with Zarra.  Yet, the weight of the world on ones shoulders, even immortal born shoulders, is tiring.  Now I think I know how poor Atlas must have felt for those three thousand years.  Unfortunately for me there is no end to my sentence of world carrying.  If I were to turn my back for even a second I know she would try something.  Nikeda is a sneaky bitch hell bent on her own desires.  I know Zarra and the others are working on defeating her as much as I am, but I feel like she is my responsibility.  I cannot rest until she rests in whatever hell she is destined for.

Immortality is not all that it is cracked up to be when you cannot enjoy the life you are living.  I am on call 24 hours a day not only in this realm but any realm that Nikeda and her cursed blood creatures roam through.  They were born in this world and they should have ended in this world.  I feel sometimes as if I have failed in my task.  I wonder if this is how Zeus felt the entire time he ruled?  It is in these times of self-doubt that I miss him the most.   He would not have let me sink in this pity pit.  Rather he would have told me that I was weak and I would have in turn shown him that I am stronger than he estimated.


Blue Outline Girl-webversion


Shannon McRoberts was born in Kentucky and currently resides there with her family. She began writing novellas late in her career after fulfilling a college dream of publishing her poetry book.

When not writing or working at her day job she enjoys creating fantasy art in Poser; this helps spur on her writing about fantasy worlds. Shannon is also an avid reader enjoying many books that feature strong female leads. It comes as no surprise that when she writes that her characters are also strong female leads

Shannon’s books are not long at all as she feels that something should be left up to the reader; no you don’t really need to know that the walls were blue on the fourth floor to enjoy a story!

If she has any spare time Shannon enjoys playing things like World of Warcraft, Elder Scroll games, Guild Wars, Rift, and Second Life. However, she often doesn’t have any spare time between work, family, and her art/writing hobbies.



Want to follow the rest of Shannon’s tour? Then go HERE



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