News and Updates

Just wanted to take a few minutes and catch up on some updates!

Monday kicks off the first In the Red blog tour! I’m hoping to get the schedule soon, and I’ll post it as soon as I have it so you can follow along like good little groupies if you like <grins>

In the meantime, because I suppose I’m not busy enough, I’ve been hither and thither and yon (why don’t we use that phrase anymore??), spreading my love of the creepy around the interwebz.

I had a blast hosting a chat at the Mocha Memoirs Press Cafe yahoogroup on Tuesday – we had so much fun doing a creepy round robin and showcasing some of the horror titles in their new line. I’ll be posting about those in the near future, so no one here will miss out on some exceptionally frightening titles!

There’s a fun interview with me in the HERE – they were great questions to answer and kudos to John Collins for a fun interview!

Want to know my top five reads for Halloween? I talked about them at A Knife and a Quill HERE

And speaking of Halloween, I did a fun interview for Kharisma Rhayne all about the holiday, my favorite horror titles, and more HERE (ever proof that you should never let me answer questions after one am, because this is what you get).

Exciting stuff going on, and I thank all of those who are joining me for it!

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