Excerpt: Dollface by Alexandra Christian

Here’s a glimpse of Alexandra’s horror offerings from her creepy story Dollface. It’s the perfect thing to jump-start your October and give you heart palpitations!

Dollface” is the story of Caroline, a plain Jane, small town Southern girl who just happens to be a funeral home cosmetian. Everyone in town likes Caroline, though they’ve always felt that there was something not quite right about her. For years Caroline has pined in silence for the funeral director’s son, Scott Bauer. Scott has always been kind, but never returned her affections. Her world comes tumbling down when she discovers that Scott is to be married and will leave her forever. She can’t let that happen and will go to unnatural lengths to keep him.

            He nodded towards the corpse lying on the table.  “You done with her?”

Caroline nodded.  “She looks beautiful.”

“You always do a nice job, Caroline.”  He gave a sheepish smile that could melt the ice off an igloo.  “I wonder a lot how you do it.”

“Do what?”

“Look at dead people,” he said, shuddering a little.  “And you know… fix them.”

Caroline grinned.  “It’s not that bad really.  You just have to remember that every dead person used to be alive and to treat them with the same respect you would in life.”  She shrugged.  “I never think about it really.”

“I’d have nightmares.”  He turned the water off and flicked his hands at the sink.  “You have to see them at their worst.  It’s grisly.”

Caroline narrowed her eyes and watched as he toweled off his hands.  One would think that he’d have gotten used to it by now, with his father owning a funeral home. Very often he’d be called upon to go on pick-ups.  How could he still be so squeamish? Everyone had assumed that Scott would go to mortician school after graduation, but he’d opted for a business degree from the local university.  Now she could see why.  He couldn’t hack it.  “It’s not grisly.  Every person deserves to look their best the last time anyone sees them.”

“I guess so, but still… I couldn’t do it.”  He smiled again, but she could tell—he thought she was weird.  It was okay.  Everyone thought she was weird.  They always had.  High school had been a complete nightmare for her.  Carolina never quite fit in.  She wasn’t pretty enough to be a popular girl, brainy enough to be a nerd or creative enough to be a geek.  She’d always been “weird Caroline.”The girl who pinned dead butterflies to her door.   The girl who came to school in mismatched socks.   The girl whose hair looked dirty all the time, no matter how much she washed it.  She’d tried to stay off the radar, to fade into the background like a cornflower on ugly wallpaper, but unfortunately, they could smell her weakness.  They’d taunted and teased, put gum in her hair, left big bottles of shampoo in front of her gym locker—anything and everything to make her feel like an outcast.

Only Scott had been kind.  Never once had he called her ugly or weird.  When some other kids pushed her down in front of her math class one afternoon, he’d been the only one to stop and help her up.  After that day, she’d known.  Scott Bauer was the only boy she could ever really love.  And there wasn’t much chance of that changing—that was ten years ago and still she could barely speak when he walked into a room.

“Oh sure you could, Scott.”  She gave an embarrassed smile and reached out like she wanted to touch his hand, but then thought better of it.  “There’s not much you can’t do.”

Scott chuckled.  His own cheeks flushed a little as he shifted uncomfortably on his feet.  “Thanks, Caroline.”  He looked towards the door with a nervous expression and she knew what he was thinking—that he should get out of here as soon as possible. She could almost hear him say, “Damn this chick creeps me out,” but of course he was too polite to utter it aloud.  “Well, I better be going.  My dad’s going to need help unloading the flowers.”

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