The Lost Manuscripts: Marvin Mummy

Another poetry edition. I forget how old I was when I did this one, but I know it was elementary school. My mother is the grand-high guru of crafty holiday home decorating, and she had come up with a way to make a mummy doll out of tights, stuffing, and muslin. The thing was nearly as tall as I was at the time, and we sat him in a chair or in the large picture window and let him peek out at the trick or treaters. I remember thinking that this was the best thing ever, and he was definitely a favored toy at the time for pretending that I was a witch student in my own magic haunted house that magically appeared on October 1.

Marvin Mummy

circa 198?

My stocking dummy

Marvin Mummy

Sits in the big chair

While he stares

On Halloween night

He gives the children a fright

My stocking dummy

Marvin Mummy

I actually think this one is pretty cute, and it gives me a nostalgic, warm feeling every time I read it. Takes me back to the days of mass decorating and when every little thing seemed magical and full of possibility. We still have Marvin somewhere. I may have to drag him out of his slumber for Halloween.

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