Anything can Happen on Halloween

A hundred internet points if you get the title reference.

It is the month that I patiently wait for all year long. The month where fall magic kicks into full gear. The month where I can run around acting like a lunatic and have a legitimate excuse to do so. October. Horror month. Magic month. Darkness and shadows. Pumpkin smoke and haunted houses. Abandoned alleys and questionable highways. Ethereal strangers and local ghosts. Candy corn and chocolate. Orange and black. Screeching cats and clattering chains.

I kind of like this holiday.

Granted, as I grow older I’m a little too busy and tired to go all-out, but I love the entire month. I love Halloween. There’s a possibility that dances around all month, and acceptance that is different from imagination at other times of the year. This is my month to gorge on ghost stories, horror, Ray Bradbury, and others. This is my month to eat apples and doughnuts, and the occasional peanut butter chocolate pumpkin (or three). This is my month to think about costumes, creatures, and appreciate the efforts of others as they throw themselves into making their own outfits. It’s a comfortable month, a month to stretch the legs and the cramped-up portions of the soul. It’s a month to re-examine my darker story ideas and to applaud those of authors that I adore.

Off and on throughout the month I’ll be sharing my picks for movies, books, and some memories. And I may pull open the vault and do some special Lost Manuscript editions, just to keep things lively. I’m also going to be scheduling some guest posts by authors I’m lucky to know and admire the work of. So keep your eyes peeled and your crosses and garlic handy!

6 thoughts on “Anything can Happen on Halloween

  1. Dude… that was Tim Curry’s song as the Grand Wizard from “The Worst Witch”… did you seriously think you’d find something SO RANDOM that I wouldn’t get it???

    I love that movie, cheesy as it is. And I’ve been looking for it on DVD for years.

    1. I don’t have it, though I’ve watched parts of it on youtube religiously….my favorite special was the disney DTV monster hits, but we’ve already discussed that 😉 I can never remember who gets references like this and who doesn’t…it seems horrific classics like this are slowly going the way of the dinosaur, and it makes me very sad.

      Remember when there were a million specials on during October, just because?

  2. ^ beat me :op I have it on dvd!! You can get it on amazon. I love this month. The haunted places, corn maze, zombie walk and of course my annual pot yuck. Our Halloween party where you have to bring something that looks gross but it is yummy. I

    1. I love the pot yuck, Ellie! That’s hilarious! I need to get working on my costume and a few other things…I turn into a kid this time of year, but my busy schedule definitely makes me feel my age 😦 Still, I cannot resist looking at the decorations and geeking out entirely.

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