The Lost Manuscripts: The Ocean Fairy

That’s right. You’re getting two of these in a row! Mwahahahaha…(watches stats plummet).

Today’s piece is from my prolific fantasy computer lab  period in 1990. (I know I had more than this. I’m really sad I threw out as much as I did while cleaning. I could’ve had material forever.) And I’m sorry, it’s another fairy piece. I know. I’m sorry. I was ten.

The Ocean Fairy

Once there was a king of the sea named King Neptune. He was always lonely. You see, he was the only one of his kind. One day he took out a gigantic magic shell that his grandmother had given him. He created a fairy of the sea. He named her Mantia. He told her to create people who had fish tails from the bottom up to the waist, and human from the waist up. So she did, and everything was good. King Neptune got married and had a son that would soon be called King Triton.

The End

Part of me is cringing SO HARD and the rest is laughing hysterically. Apparently this is what happens when Little Mermaid Prequel meets myth meets Genesis or something. First off…how could Neptune have a grandmother if he was the only one of his kind? And so…he creates a fairy to create stuff for him? Bwuh? And apparently all this creating was just so he could get it on. So like a man, even a merman. Although I am giving myself a million bonus points for the name Mantia…lord, that’s just hilarious.

So yep, take that Disney sequels and prequels and midquels and dayquils and nyquils! You may have many things, but I have Mantia the creation sea fairy!

Lord, this just makes me wonder what I was fed when I was a child…

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