The Lost Manuscripts – Poetry Edition! A Strange Day

I have no idea when I wrote this, but my guess is probably around third or fourth grade. I’ll have to get my scanner working because some of these have illustrations that are just priceless. Anyway, proof that even at an early age I was trying to expand my horizons…into poetry! (watches as everyone flees in terror) Today’s Lost Manuscript is entitled…A Strange Day.


A Strange Day (circa 1988/89?)

I saw an ear of corn playing a horn.

I saw some jeans trying on some jeans.

I saw some cows wearing purple bath towels.

I saw the letter K jumping in the hay.

It has been a very strange day.

Actually, my poetry probably hasn’t improved much since then. I…dunno. I was reading a lot of rhyming stuff at the time? Blame it on a younger sibling? I want to say I probably saw similar stuff being done elsewhere and did my spin on it…and I kind of want to say I may have won some sort of prize in school for this, but I don’t really remember. I’ll have to go digging in the scrapbook, because this was a hand-written, hand-drawn edition. And man, I thought my handwriting was bad now, geesh…

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