The Lost Manuscripts: The Magic Leaf

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so let’s open up the vaults!

Today’s piece of my tragic writing past is from November 20, 1990, so I would’ve been ten or so. I will warn you, this was when I was neck deep in my self-insertion fantasy phase (though some could argue I’m still going through this phase to certain degrees). This was also when we had set writing time during computer lab, so I would churn out tons of these things while other people were making pictures with letters and dashes (though I did enough of that, too). So without further adieu, today’s cringe-worthy piece is ‘The Magic Leaf’!

Once upon a time there was a very nice fairy. She was in charge of the seasons. One fall day, she found one special leaf that was more beautiful than all the other leaves. She gave it a golden heart. Now it was magic.

One day a little girl named Adrina found the magic leaf. The fairy told her if she rubbed the leaf it would turn her into a fairy. Adrina rubbed the leaf and she did turn her into a fairy. So the two fairies flew off to fairy land.

The End

You have no idea how embarrassing it is to admit that I spent my childhood writing things like that. Yes, I was a true sparkly, candy-sweet, princess-wannabe, twirly dress-wearing, girly girl. Shut up.

I’m also kind of amazed that this piece is so…boring. Amazingly enough, my playing pretend sessions would last for like five hours as a kid, yet when I put words to paper I would get…this. So that’s disappointing. Although, if I may….I know this sounds a little dry and meh, but allow me to channel my inner-ten-year-old for a moment, and I can probably tell you what I really meant to write. Ahem.

The Magic Leaf (Re-interpreted)

Once upon a time (because all really good stories start that way) there was this fairy, and she was beaaauuuuuuutiful! She had long blonde hair, and a sparkly purple dress, and irridescent wings that flashed all the colors of the rainbow when she flew! Her eyes were bright purple and she was secretly a princess but didn’t know it, but that’s not in this story. Anyway, it was her important job to make all the leaves and flowers change when the seasons changed, like in Fantasia, but it was all up to her and no one else. So she flew all around the world tapping the flowers and trees with her magic wand, turning them fall colors and making them gooooooorgeous. There was one leaf that was much more beautiful than all the other leaves in the whole wide world. It glowed green and yellow, and had delicate little veins and pretty scalloped edge. The fairy knew that the leaf had to be special, so she gave it a golden heart (she didn’t paint a gold heart on it, but actually gave it a heart of golden love so it would know when someone special touched it so it could share its magic with ALL the right people!)

One day, a little girl named Adriana was walking through the deep green forest. She was by herself, but she knew her way because she lived nearby. Her name was Adriana, which is nothing like Selah, but enough like Ariel so it’s still something I like but no one will ever guess that I want to be the little girl in the story. Adriana found the special magic leaf and KAPOW! the fairy appeared and danced around her! Adriana wasn’t as beautiful as the fairy, but she had long brown hair and deep blue-green eyes, and everyone loved her because she was sweet and kind and always did what she was supposed to. The fairy told Adriana that if she rubbed the leaf it would turn her into a fairy. Knowing it was her chosen destiny because her mother had told her so in a bedtime story long ago, Adriana rubbed the leave and GUESS WHAT?! SHE ACTUALLY BECAME A FAIRY! WITH WINGS AND EVERYTHING! They were almost as big as she was, and they lifted her right up off the ground, and made a soft little buzzing noise when she moved them. And they were blue, which is almost as good as purple, with silver edges. She was so excited that she had finally fulfilled her chosen destiny, and GUESS WHAT?! SHE WAS ACTUALLY A FAIRY PRINCESS, TOO! The leaf made her and the fairy sisters, so they flew off to fairy land where Adriana could be taught to change the seasons, too! They lived there forever in a big, gigantic castle, and everyone loved them and always listened to what they had to say. And the seasons were always beautiful and perfect from then on.

The End

Thaaaat’s better! (cracks knuckles). Although I probably should not admit to being able to write like that now that I really shouldn’t be writing like that. Fun as hell, though..(sly grin)…if I had a death wish I’d send it to a few publisher friends I have. But yeah, I can almost guarantee you THAT was the version that was going through my head so long ago. Don’t ask me why it didn’t translate.

Oh let’s be honest…the in-my-head version would’ve had forty pages dedicated to the dresses the fairy and Adriana wore, alone.

Didn’t you just miss these things? Heh Heh Heh…

5 thoughts on “The Lost Manuscripts: The Magic Leaf

  1. The best part (read as “most painful” part) of reading old writings is when the younger self was attempting to utilize sarcasm but everything just sounds like a bad joke. Got any of those? 😀

    1. I wish I had kept more – though it wouldn’t surprise me to stumble upon another box. I know I had a carton of teen angst writing that I threw out because I was so mortified by it.

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