Six Sentence Sunday: In the Red (more)

Time for another Six Sentence Sunday! And it’s a special Sunday, because it’s also my birthday! (I shall accept any tribute or gratuitous praise throughout the day…)

Anyway, this week’s six again comes from my just-released first novel, In the Red!

This happens at the very beginning of the book, when the protagonist Jeremiah Kensington is stuck doing bar gigs and moping about his life.

Unfortunately, like everyone else that had gathered at Buster’s, the dude was part of Jeremiah’s audience.

“Hey there, boy! How ‘bout some ‘Freebird’?” The guy’s voice broke and had the telltale drawl of someone who was feeling no pain. Jeremiah clenched his teeth and tried to tolerate the Springsteen cover he was playing; it was at least better than the old-school folk songs that were his standard material for lodge meetings and town events.  Some days it felt like his whole world was reduced to sets of blue jean rock or Peter, Paul, and Mary.


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4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: In the Red (more)

  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a good one!

    You’ve done an excellent job showing off your characters inner turmoil with this snippet. It’s pretty obvious he’s getting frustrated with his career.

    1. Thank you on both counts. Jeremiah started off being a character that just frustrated me, but I’ve grown to at least somewhat understand and feel for him through this whole process. Glad you liked the snippet! 🙂

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