12 Sentence Saturday (for real): In the Red

So apparently I was a week early with 12 Sentence Saturday…(eh, at the very least I’m dedicated. And an overachiever.)

So this week I would also like to do twelve sentences from In the Red, but I suppose to be fair they should be a different 12. So let’s see…

This bit happens at the very beginning of the book, and introduces us to our protagonist.


The Twelve:

When he was a boy, Jeremiah Kensington had dreamt of stardom. He’d firmly believed that it was his destiny to have the entire world at the mercy of his microphone. He had assumed that as soon as he learned to play guitar the entire world would recognize his brilliance. The rest of his life would be easy going, and the girls from music videos would line up to drop their panties for him. He would have never believed that at twenty-two his most profound dream was to get through a chorus before the idiots that came to hear him play could bellow ‘Freebird!’ at him.

They were out there behind tables and lining up in front of the makeshift stage by the bar, waiting, biding their time. Two or three people right below him turned into ten and then fifteen. When they shifted their weight and their drinks, when they whispered to each other and smirked as much as they nodded in time to the music, Jeremiah knew it was getting close. No matter how loud he played, no matter how well he sang, it happened without fail. The spark of the idiotic idea began to form in the piggish eyes of a few redneck metal head wannabes that stood near his amp. Just keep playing. That was his mantra and had been for longer than he wanted to remember.


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Live like a rock star.

Dance ‘til you die.

Are you in?

 What kind of a rock star lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere and plays at weddings and funerals? Then Jack Scratch comes into his life, ready to represent him and launch him to stardom. Jack can give him everything: a new band, a new name, a new life, a new look, and new boots…although they aren’t exactly new. They once belonged to The One, a rocker so legendary and so mysterious that it’s urban legend that he used black magic to gain success. But what does Jeremiah care about urban legend? And it’s probably just coincidence that the shoes make him dance better than anyone, even if it doesn’t always feel like he’s controlling his movements. It’s no big deal that he plunges into a world of excess and decadence as soon as he puts the shoes on his feet, right?

But what happens when they refuse to come off?



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