SSS: WIP Small Town Girls

If it’s Sunday there’d better be six! This week’s six sentences come from a WIP about two small town sisters. One just happens to be the mayor and the other is the resident masked hero.

The Six:

Finally, finally Sam closed the laptop and stretched. Her smile was as fake as it was every time she gave a damn speech. “Now then, what can I do for the savior of my fair city?” Alicia’s crimson-gloved fingers curled in irritation. She was tricked out in more armor and special weapons than a freakin’ warlord’s armory and her big sister was grinning like she’d just showed up to work in a Halloween costume. It was only because she’d gotten used to it through the years that Alicia didn’t drag Sam across the table and put her in a rear naked choke hold.


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4 thoughts on “SSS: WIP Small Town Girls

  1. Hi! Yeah I assume the snippet is from Alicia’s POV and I like what you do with that. You must have a sister; I have two and can definitely relate to Sam and Alicia.

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