A quickie update!

My apologies for being distant – I’ve got a really busy week at work and I only took today off to try to stay on top of some deadlines (As it is I may just be up all night to keep plowing through things. We’ll see.)

But I wanted to talk briefly about some cool blogs while I had a moment to breathe!

I’ve been interviewed by The Writing World! I love the blog and RaeBeth McGee is amazing. You can find that interview HERE

I’ve also got a guest post up at Writing With Shelly and Chad! Shelly’s a lot of fun and that blog is a treat as well. My guest post on why I love genre fiction is HERE

Be sure to not just check out my posts but the blogs as a whole! It’s important that we all get involved with each other’s projects. There’s so many great new authors and bloggers out there – we need to spread the word!

As a reminder – I’m also trying to promote my fanpage on Facebook more. I try to put up guest posts and other tidbits as soon as I can there as well. You can check it out and give me a like HERE if you haven’t done so yet!

I’ve also been ordering swag for Fandom Fest in June – I’m doing some traditional things but I’m still tinkering around with a couple out of the box ideas. I’ll post more on that soon but if you suddenly see mysterious things popping up…just know that that’s me trying to figure out my masterplan for In the Red promotion.

So everyone have a good week and I’ll check in again as soon as I can. So much to do and so little time and all that!

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