Gettin’ my ideas in order

I’m working on a lot of different things lately and trying to settle down to take each thing at a time. It’s back to being gang-mugged by ideas every time I turn around and I find my order of importance keeps shifting every time someone sends me new submission guidelines that I absolutely want to get in on. For example, I cranked out a concept outline today for a show, edited an older story I had in hopes of getting it picked up somewhere, and started a Lovecraft-esque story set in suburbia. I’m actually doing a lot of Lovecraft-esque stuff lately. While reading him is something I have to do in small doses (mainly because of the antiquated style, not because the ideas aren’t amazing), I love playing with that other side of reality stuff, especially if it involves characters you wouldn’t expect. I mean, c’mon…sailors, members of the armed forces, students, archaeologists – you expect them to encounter something weird and mysterious that renders the very fabric of reality. I like throwing people you wouldn’t expect to be in those stories under the bus (Or through the black hole? Through the inter-dimensional door?) It’s always interesting, fun, and therapeutic.

Little known fact – I was set to get my masters from Miskatonic University, but got kicked out for suggesting that we name our football team The Squids. Because, y’know, it’s really hard to to write a cheer that rhymes with Nyarlahotep  (and to all three people who get that, I applaud you)

I’m also working on some faerie tale stuff: A young adult story exploring the myth of the green children, an urban fantasy piece dealing with one of the not-so-popular fairy tales…and both have turned into giant monsters that are going to devour my soul and all my time. Oh well.

But first I have to finish my rock n’ roll conspiracy plot novella/maybe a novel…thing, and finishing yet another fantasy novel.

It is times like these that I’m glad I have my main editor living with me to save my from myself. Don’t believe me?

Yep. Any time I get too involved lately, my darling boy feels the need to plop between me and my laptop. You laugh but he stayed in that pose for twenty minutes. If he didn’t sound like a demonic coffee maker every time I go to move him he’d have been shoved aside. And, truth be told, I need a break every now and again. Weirdly, this is a new trick. For years he had no interest in computers, and now every time I have mine out he feels the need to commandeer it. I dunno, maybe he’s trying to sell me on Ebay or something. When he was a kitten he wouldn’t sit still at ALL. He was really skittish and any little thing would send him racing across the room. These days any time I have to get up and he’s on my lap it’s almost a game of chicken to see who’s going to give up first. There have been days where I’ve been on my feet and he’s been hanging vertical because he refuses to relinquish the lap. Which would be cute except it’s almost always when nature calls.

The best part of this is when I actually try to get a decent picture of Sam (short for Samurai) he ALWAYS moves. This must be the cat effect or something, because in order to get a non-blurry, non-goofy, non-offensive photo out of him, I have to wait until he’s asleep. I adore him, though. He definitely keeps me sane (as long as I can keep him off my keyboard, anyway)

5 thoughts on “Gettin’ my ideas in order

  1. Great to hear about your editor and time manager, Sam. I have a new kitten named Boots who manages to provide similar break calls for me. He was summoned by me and my mother who just happened to post pictures of the Puss in Boots movie in our respective rooms unbeknownst to each other. A week later a neighbor turns up with this abandoned kitten…funny how magic works.
    Okay, I hate to commune with a dropout from Miskatonic University who can’t even say Cthulu F’tahgn right. Not to mention spell it.
    So get back to your writing, young lady and don’t forget to put Innsmouth, Massachusetts in your vacation plans.

  2. That’s so adorable about Boots! I’m convinced the right cat always finds the right people.

    I belong to a little-known sub-cult that believes if we say Cthulu F’Tahgn in full it desecrates the Eater of Worlds and will plunge us into a terrifying spiral of madness. And now you made me say it in full, tsk.

    Oh yes, Innsmouth and Arkham are definitely on my road trip list. I should start making the mix cds (or is it playlists now?) now…

    – SJ

  3. Sam is adorably handsome! Lookit that face ^^ I love grandpa cats.

    Now that I have a new kitten, I know how you feel. Skaara walks all over my keyboard, adding random letters and spaces, making me panic that she’ll delete something, and tries to get the mouse pointer on the screen as I’m moving it around. Not to mention wanting to play all the time and when she’s done playing, wants to get in my lap and sleep even though there’s not enough room between my lap and the underneath of the table. Gotta love the kittehs… ❤

  4. I’m a little late seeing this, but…KITTYYYYYY!!!!! 🙂

    Of course he wants to take over the computer. If you’re paying attention to that, you’re not paying attention to HIM. 😉

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