Prose: Ideas Abound

More of a casual essay, this piece is also included in Lost in the Shadows. People brushing off art or their own possibility by claiming they’re not creative has always bothered me. I don’t get that thought process – you’re breathing, you’re thinking, you can have ideas. I’ve also never quite got the process of … More Prose: Ideas Abound

Prose: Krampus Waits

Happy Krampusnacht! Now this is a part of December I can get behind. For those who don’t know about Krampus, you’re missing out. He’s coming back into his own, but he’s still fairly unknown throughout a lot of the world. It’s a pity, because tonight’s his night. You see, in the old days Saint Nick … More Prose: Krampus Waits

Prose: Obsolete Words

I’ve been working on a few projects lately, and that always gets me thinking about the process of writing. I love words and how they fit together, the imagery they conjure, the emotions they evoke. Words are magic…sometimes literally, like in this case. This is another little bit from Lost in the Shadows, a little … More Prose: Obsolete Words

Clyde’s Corner: Friday the 13th/4th Wall Friday Mash-up

So today is a special edition of Clyde’s corner…not only do you get to see what hijinks the bird is getting up to now, but it actually CONTINUES into a very special story over at Kriss Morton’s blog for Fourth Wall Friday! What happens when a wannabe muse channels Olde School magic on Friday the … More Clyde’s Corner: Friday the 13th/4th Wall Friday Mash-up