Influential Irritation: We Don’t Just Exist to Bang Fang

So a lot of work has gone in to creating my vampire stories that appear in the Big Bad anthologies. I’ve been craving to set a vampire story in the fifties for over a decade now, because I just love the juxtapositions that presents. I was almost deterred when I found out that American Vampire … More Influential Irritation: We Don’t Just Exist to Bang Fang

Holly and Ivy

So I do enjoy holiday fiction. I love reading it and I might, just MIGHT have a soft spot for Christmas chick lit and romances (Shut up. It’s December stress). I also love writing holiday fiction. Now, some of this can get…fascinating, especially the pieces that are in Lost in the Shadows. Candles is a story … More Holly and Ivy

Prose: Obsolete Words

I’ve been working on a few projects lately, and that always gets me thinking about the process of writing. I love words and how they fit together, the imagery they conjure, the emotions they evoke. Words are magic…sometimes literally, like in this case. This is another little bit from Lost in the Shadows, a little … More Prose: Obsolete Words

Prose: On Fire

To keep on going with the ideas can come from anywhere theme, I thought I’d put up a short today and touch on a little bit of back story. I go through stages where I outline or craft definite genre pieces, but at times I slide back into things that aren’t quite one thing or … More Prose: On Fire