WeWriWa: Holly and Ivy

Oh, why not? Let’s kick off December with one of my gentler pieces. I love this story – I can identify with both Holly’s cynicism and exhaustion and Ivy’s idealism and naivete a bit. Eventually I may come back to that world, but this story of two unusual friends – one human and one dryad – trying to make their way in the world was so easy to write. It was almost effortless, and definitely endearing. It’s also probably the closest to anything resembling sane chick lit I’ll ever get, so check it out if only for that accomplishment.

This exchange takes place when Ivy gives Holly a magical token that will help her put her life back together…but it also means that Ivy will be trapped in her tree – no small sacrifice for a dryad living in a Christmas tree farm.


“What do I do with it?” I told myself I was just playing along,
suspending reality to make Ivy feel better. Although if that was the case, perhaps I
should have examined the fact that Ivy was real and not my mind suspending reality
to make myself feel better.

“You hold it now until it gets to know you. You keep it safe in your possession
and it shall bring you ease and grace,” the tree sprite giggled.

“And that really works?”

 “How else would I have survived so well with murderers on the loose? It’s worked for a good long while.” I raised an eyebrow as a sly grin spread just a little too far across her face to make the smile look human. “


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And you can find the complete tale of the human woman and the dryad here…

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After losing her job and her boyfriend, Holly returns to her parents’ farm. Embarrassed and hopeless, she doesn’t expect to bump into a forgotten childhood friend that wasn’t supposed to exist. Ivy is not only a dryad, but she lives in the pine trees Holly’s family grows to sell at Christmas. As the old friends reconnect, Ivy not only shares her strong oninions, but gives Holly a charm that will change both their lives. As days melt into weeks and the seasons change, Holly’s life magically turns around. Christmas not only brings surprises, but a choice for the human woman. What’s more important: stability, success, and love, or keepinga promise to an old friend?

8 thoughts on “WeWriWa: Holly and Ivy

  1. There’s obviously a lot more going on here than is apparent from what Ivy’s saying. If the token works as described, then it’s a very generous offer, but what a guilt trip when Holly finds out about the cost to her friend!! Thanks for sharing, great to see you again.

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