Fun stuff round up!

I wanted to touch on a few new releases, titles of note, upcoming things today. It’s always fun to see what everyone is up to, and I know some insanely talented people. Alex is one of my favorite people. We co-host our eps of Star Chamber together, we’re looking at developing panels together,we enjoy similar … More Fun stuff round up!

Prose: Ideas Abound

More of a casual essay, this piece is also included in Lost in the Shadows. People brushing off art or their own possibility by claiming they’re not creative has always bothered me. I don’t get that thought process – you’re breathing, you’re thinking, you can have ideas. I’ve also never quite got the process of … More Prose: Ideas Abound

Prose: On Fire

To keep on going with the ideas can come from anywhere theme, I thought I’d put up a short today and touch on a little bit of back story. I go through stages where I outline or craft definite genre pieces, but at times I slide back into things that aren’t quite one thing or … More Prose: On Fire