Available now: The Grotesquerie

It is one of the most beautiful months of the year…

I mean yeah, there’s all that love and stuff that’s part of February, but let’s focus on what this month is really about: women participating and being recognized as an important part of the horror genre. I’m going to repost some of the things I talked about last year throughout the month, but I’m also hoping to open some things up to some roundtable discussions and other fun stuff.

First, though, let’s kick it off with a new book!

As part of this month’s celebration, Mocha Memoirs Press has a new anthology out that’s all horror and all by women. We’re talking twenty-two stories that explore different aspects of the horror genre, all waiting for you to dive in and discover some talented writers that might be new to you. But I’ll digress and let the cover and blurb speak for itself…




 Mocha Memoirs Press Store                          Kindle                     Paperback

Twenty-two short horror stories written by women are here on display for your enjoyment or your perverse fascination. Within these pages, beauty becomes deadly, innocence kills, and karma is a harsh mistress.

 The Grotesquerie is now open…


I’m especially excited because my short story Sandy appears in this anthology. It’s a fun story about two sisters, one who wants to fit in and the other who’s having growing pains of her own thanks to a very special imaginary friend. Is he a product of her imagination, though? They’d better find out fast, because if he isn’t, the world is that much closer to ending.



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