promo post: Plague Master

The creepy is only over if you want it to be! I’m behind, I know, but I wanted to give some  focus to great titles I’ve come across lately. Another intriguing title that’s been brought to my attention is the Plague Master series.


Meet the Characters of Plague Master

By H.E. Roulo

Part of the joy of reading is connecting with the characters. Each person seen the on the page is like someone we pass in real life. They need to have a history that is reflected in their culture, dress, speech, and hobbies. Small details tell what we don’t have time to otherwise convey. The connections between the characters are what define the story and allow them to come to life, sometimes surprising even the author in their loyalty and defiance.

Cast of Characters

Trevoris the main character. When we meet him he’s seventeen and desperate to save his world from the zombie outbreak. Untrained but eager, he volunteers to run into buildings in search of survivors or, sadly, to be zombie bait and lure the infected into the street for the mercenary soldiers. Despite his world’s troubles, he cares about those around him and has hopes his world can be made better. It isn’t luck that Trevor is the one to enter Kristin’s house.

Kristingoes to school with Trevor. She’s an artist whose family owns a gallery. When her family changes, she’s grateful to Trevor for intervening even if she does get infected in the process. Kristin knows it’s just a matter of time until she changes. The only silver-lining is that she gets to leave their world for the Sanctuary Dome. With a little conniving, she gets Trevor on the transport out.

While others are fighting the outbreak or suffering from the disease, Elenahas made her peace with being infected and lives like every day is her last. She’s surprised to find out Trevor isn’t infected, and shouldn’t be in the sanctuary, but it isn’t her nature to get him in trouble. Instead, she embroils him in her scheme to find out what happened to the brother of her good friend, Samantha.

Poor Samantha is in the sanctuary doing everything in her power to help scientists find a cure before she changes. She has children back home and a concerned brother, Howard. When he shows up unexpectedly to do an exposé on the Sanctuary, Samantha is shocked. She placed all her faith in getting cured. When he goes missing, she is the first to seek answers.

It’s only out of concern that Howard decides to report on suspicious rumors about the sanctuary where Samantha has been exiled.  He doesn’t expect to find conspiracy, experiments, and murder. Poor Howard will never be the same.

Mengus was the first to investigate and invest in the poisonous world that would become a safe haven for the infected. The dome that protects them until they change is a nice touch, but he isn’t even very surprised when the dome breaks and those who have already changed flood in. What surprises him more is the reporter, the uninfected boy, and the cure.

Visit Amazon to purchase Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome,the first book of the Plague Master series, followed by Plague Master: Rebel Infection.


“A perfect mix of classic sci-fi and zombie horror. Once you start, you are hooked!”

-Jake Bible, author of Little Dead Man.

Sanctuary Domeis fast-paced zombie sci-fi on a prison planet of the dying and the undead.”

-Stephen North, author of Beneath the Mask

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