Doing My Thing! (news & updates)

Got some new links to sling about, so let’s take care of where I’ve been the past few weeks!

Books By Violet YA Graphic Novel Reviews:

Awkward – A fun book with a diverse cast of fully written characters. This one definitely captures what it’s like to be in middle school.

Positively Izzy – An introverted brain. An outgoing drama spaz. What could they possibly have in common? More than you think…Another great exploration of middle school life by Terri Libenson

Real Friends – Friendships change, especially in middle school. This is a fantastic look at the ups and downs of friend groups and how hard it can be to navigate them.

Selah’s Manga Mania:

Skip Beat! – One of my favorite series of all time. Tons of comedy, complicated characters, an exploration of the craft of acting, and a heroine bent on on revenge who accidentally falls in love. LOOOOVE.

Idol Dreams – Kinda like Thirteen Going on Thirty in reverse, with some pop star undertones. I feel like you’ll either like this or you won’t.

Kiss of the Rose Princess – I don’t care how psychotic this series is, I will love it til the day I die. This thing has absolutely everything and you need to read it now. ‘

Ladies of Horror Flash Fiction:

Misstep – A giant is coming. The village has a plan. It doesn’t go quite how they expect.




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