If You Can’t Get Enough of Me (Updates)

So yeah, I’m behind. A lot of my around the web and free read pages are updated, so feel free to waste a lot of time there.

I’ve had some new stuff recently, though, that I haven’t had time to add on yet (and I’ll be mean and not do it until after this post goes live, because that’s how I live my life). So in no particular order..


Manga Reviews:

Idol Dreams – the most recent. If you like Big and Thirteen Going on Thirty, you might like this. I had mixed feelings.

Kiss of the Rose Princess – I love this title more than life and if I ever get to write for a show, it needs to be a version of this. I will never not love this, as psychotic and oddly paced as it is.

YA Graphic Novel Reviews:

Real Friends: a fantastic look at the dynamics and difficulties of middle school friendships. Wish I’d had this as a kid.

Invisible Emmie: Great story about middle school friendship, finding yourself, and surviving drama. Awesome ending.

Flash Fiction:

Misstep – yeah, I blame every giant story I’ve ever read as a kid for this. And I’ve been working through some stress. What happens when a village and a giant square off and things don’t go to plan.



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