Free Flash Fic, Reviews, & More

New stuff for your Tuesday! Note – I’m still catching up on personal correspondence from the last week. I’m working on a few possible future things lately, so I’m balancing that with trying to get media organized again, and some other things, as well. So I am getting there.

Congrats to the winner of the birthday caption contest – Rie Sheridan Rose! Thanks for participating, and I’ll be in contact about ze prize.



New YA graphic novel review up for Books by Violet – this week I’m looking at the illustrated memoir of a small-town girl going off to art school: Little Fish. 




I accidentally missed the second of my manga reviews for I Smell Sheep, so here it is. I’m starting everyone off nice and easy with a feel-good shojo story with some interesting twists and turns: the classic title, Fruits Basket!


This is the most recent manga review for I Smell Sheep – a shorter series at only seven volumes, but still really interesting. Think Snow Piercer mixed with sci-fi mixed with a more kid friendly rating. It’s excellent, I swear. To read my full review on Saturn Apartments, go here!



I participated in this month’s Ladies of Horror flash picture project – and was given the above image. To see what I did with it (and to read it and other free flash horror stories), go here!




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