Project Pictures: Thou Shalt Not Do This Ever Again (aka Lost Boys David plush)

Bonus post for today! I feel like it’s going to turn into a vampire sort of week, and I haven’t shared a project in a long time, so why not?

Admittedly I didn’t quite forget that The Lost Boys was turning 30 this year, but the past few years fandom and I have had a weird relationship in general. Even the Labyrinth stuff last year, while fun, couldn’t quite cut through the funk. At the end of the day, though, for some reason this 1980s horror comedy is something that has shaped how I art in a lot of ways (more on that later).

Here’s something goofy I made for a friend years upon years ago:


made by moi, copyright mine, because I suffered too much for this freakin’ thing. 


Ugh, don’t judge me. So this started nine billion years ago when the David action figure came out, and my friend, who is all about David, was complaining that there wasn’t anything bigger.

Of course, this meant I had to make her a cuddly chibi-esque version, because reasons. Look, I don’t get it either. My muse is stupid. For similar reasons, I ended up making her a Trent Reznor My Little Pony one year, so this is pretty normal in comparison.

The schematics: I bought the base doll at Michaels and looked at way too many shots of a film that is incredibly darkly lit to try to figure out what the hell David is wearing. I kind of compromised and did the coat as a double lapel one piece with the lapels in different fabrics. The shirt is a basic jersey and I think the pants were just a regular suiting fabric or something similar. I used a thicker stretch vinyl for the coat and gloves (seriously this was like a decade ago I cannot believe I can recall this so vividly).The medal is off a keychain from a dollar store. Yes, I know it’s not exact. I don’t care. I spent way too long patterning tiny vampire clothes, I implanted all the hairs on that thing’s head and unraveled them to look fluffier, I embroidered and drew the face, and made the thing ears so I could include the earring. By the time I got to accessories, I just wanted him out of the house. You can’t really see his fangs that well, but I remember embroidering them on. As you can guess by my snarking, the scale isn’t my favorite and is honestly probably the smallest I’d go at this point. I think he stands at about 18 inches tall if I remember correctly.

Although he weirds me out a little, I’ll admit I’m pleased with the result. I’ve had inquiries over the years if I’d do all the vampires or other characters or even another David, and at this point, likely not. There may be one or two more on the horizon if I really felt whacky. These days, I could probably pattern the clothes out faster (and I have better machines than I did at the time), but I’d have to have a really good reason to be convinced to go back to something like this.

3 thoughts on “Project Pictures: Thou Shalt Not Do This Ever Again (aka Lost Boys David plush)

  1. The fabric-sculpture portrait (Grace says I shouldn’t call them dolls) is creepy-cute. Neat idea.

    “Trent Reznor My Little Pony” I’d love to see a photo of this. (My clone was/is a NIN fan.)

    “I spent way too long patterning tiny vampire clothes” Something only dollmakers (and those who know and love them) can understand… Someday (when Grace reaches that point in her “Nine Tomcats” project) I’m gonna have to help make scaled armor for an 18-inch-tall anthropomorphic cat.


    (She made clothes for the Reznor pony. Tiny little jacket and pants and a shirt(?), and “bandages” for the hooves. Repainted the face and rerooted it with a black mane/tail. Seriously.)

    Chibbi David really does have delicate embroidered fangs. She put a hell of a lot of work into this doll, which really honestly started as a dare (yeah, I have many things David-related, but I didn’t have anything like *this*) and she takes these dares and turns them into reality. He is all at once terrifying and squishy/adorable. I am pleased with him, even if it’s a little weird and rather creepy.

    I also know what lurks in the “unfinished” pile…

    1. Do you even have a pic of that anymore? I don’t seem to have one, and people just don’t believe that that happened.

      And yes, I’m stupid when it comes to dares like that. What can I say. And yeah, I never intended him to be creepy but he so is. Better you than me. Also, no. – SJ

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