Flashing the Internet and other Projects

Oh, you try coming up with clever, engaging titles all the time.

So in the spirit of shameless self-promotion, here’s what I’ve been doing lately. Besides the Curious Incidents anthology, I’ve also been doing some flash fiction here and there. The Ladies of Horror Flash Project has given me a great chance to stretch my writing muscles again, to the tune of short bits of fiction between 50-300 words.

And if you’ve ever been caught talking to me, you know how horrible I am at limiting myself.

July’s theme was based around different fantasy images, and it was not the easiest task I’ve ever been given (Though you’d think Olde School would’ve given me an edge…yeah, no). Though somehow I came up with something I’m pleased with. So, if you’d like to check out my piece Little Nightmare, click away!

For those who want some more low-key reading, I’ve started doing guest posts over at Books by Violet. Any place that will enable my love of YA graphic novels and give me a legit reason to read them is cool by me! My first post talks about one of my faves – Raina Telgemeir’s Smile. Check out my thoughts here. 

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