State of Selahville

Alright, I’ve been getting some questions so I figure it’s a good time to lay out some answers. So, basically, what’s going on?

Eh, everything.

Seriously, the point I’m currently at is that a lot is in process, but not a lot’s ready for public consumption. What I can tell you is:


I’ve got an interesting ghost/town lore story called Murder Capital of the World involving California that’s been sold to the State of Horror: California anthology. Convenient, I know. Waiting on edits for that one.

Also sold a somewhat unconventional vampire romance story called You’re All I Need to the Carpe Noctem anthology. Edits are forthcoming still on this one, as well. Although I swore I would never touch this genre, the thought of a triangle between a loose cannon of a slayer, a vampire wronged by said slayer, and the slayer’s ex-wife was too interesting to resist, especially since the two humans are in their fifties and the vampire was once in an eighties metal band. While there are feelings, no sparkles, I swear.

I’ve got an interesting, pioneer-horror piece called Seamless set to be in an unnamed upcoming horror anthology, as well. I love this story, and it’s yet one more reason why my parents really should have taken me to Disneyworld more as a child instead of all the educational vacations I lived through. Seriously, it’s kinda Little House meets ghosts meets insanity meets I don’t even know what. I love it, and I’m glad it finally has a home.

The post-apocalyptic anthology about the world’s oldest profession, Hookerpunk, which has my story ATM, should be forthcoming some time soon. Ever proof that I like variety, it’s actually a really interesting book and was an interesting concept to write around.

I’ve been asked to write a story for another, unnamed, secret anthology, as well. All I’ll say is this is going to be an emotional, historical/Americana piece, and I’m going to delve into my inner Bradbury and Bowie, so that should be interesting.


In the Red is one step closer to reprint. I’m working with just an incredible, award-winning editor to really polish this up and get it ready for a new incarnation. Super excited that JK Asmodeus and crew are getting a second chance at life, especially since this is a book that so many people that are important to me have supported me through.

Kingdom City 2: Yeah, I know. I’m actually slowly researching sleeping princess stories, rereading the first book so that I can get my timelines right, and trying to make sense of everything in my head for that world. I’m also playing with writing out some of the Kingdom City versions of fairy tales/history in the meantime. I suppose I should let Clyde out to play here on the blog to get the juices flowing, and it would be a fun way to revisit the million con photos I took last year and never put up.

I’ve hinted that I’d like to go back to the world of Mooner, and that’s true. I’ve started playing with other things that happen in those woods, and while I’m not sure what’s going to become of it or where that will go to live, it is something I’m very much exploring, especially since this seems to be the thing besides Kingdom City I get asked about the most.

I’m also kinda sorta trying to figure out a coherent timeline for The Family stories and playing with them here and there. I’m not sure if that’ll be a book or a serialized thing, because those vampires seem to prefer vignettes for the most part as opposed to coherent chapters.

I also have a million other ideas, and have been researching a few other things, as well. I should probably just get my butt in my chair and get started, eh?


I’ve been emailing this week about finally (finally) progressing on a website that would fuse info about my writing with actually getting my design and costume work up in something resembling a portfolio. Not sure on the timeline on that, but it’s actually being talked about other than me saying it needs to happen sometime before I die. Trying to figure out how to reign in the media and get that on a better schedule is something I’m attempting, as well.

I’m way behind in my comic/graphic novel reviews, but I do plan to keep that going for I Smell Sheep, as well. I did finally get a kindle fire to help out with that, but given that I despise technology, you can guess how well that’s going for me at the moment. Plan to have that up and running in the next decade at some point.

Plus all the typical life, sewing, other stuff. I swear I’m here, just doing a ton in the background at the mo!






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