SJ’s Writing: Anthology Answers

It occurred to me that like so many things, my perception of my creative life is way different than everyone else’s, because I actually know what’s going on behind the scenes. I’ve been asked if I’m still writing/working on things, and the answer is a resounding yes. I took a bit of a break last year for various life reasons, but I’m slowly getting back to fighting form, and will at least have a few things out in the somewhat-near future. At the moment, most of these are anthology projects of various types, ever-proving that it is my life purpose to destroy all the genres.

Hookerpunk – post apocalyptic look at the oldest profession in the world, if the world depended on it as currency. I don’t remember how I was talked into this one, but Sean Taylor allowed me to put a more literary spin on things, for which I am grateful. He’s also probably weirded out at my futuristic concept of ATMs.  I’ve been told it’s in the editing stages and I’ve seen early cover art, so progress is being made!

Carpe Noctem: Truly, Madly, Deeply (Charon Coin Press) – Jerry’s mysteriousness on the Star Chamber Show weeks ago is confirmed – I actually have a piece in this anthology! The book focuses on what a relationship between a human and paranormal entity might actually like. It also proves that Siobhan Kinkade is the only person alive who can incite me to write vampire romance. Sigh. Yeah, I know. To my credit, my vampire does use his teeth, and it’s a very unusual take at a vampire/human relationship in that the female lead is middle-aged and is also dealing with her ex-husband who is the most prominent slayer in America.

State of Horror: California (Charon Coin Press) – Just turned in the contract for this one, and am surprised and delighted at the acceptance into this amazing series. Obviously this volume focuses on California, and my story takes on all the weird, interesting, and macabre goings-on throughout Santa Cruz’s history. I also feel like the subtitle to my story should be Google is my friend, but that’s another tale, entirely.

I’m still waiting to see where it’s going so it’s not official yet, but I’ve been in discussions about a piece of mine being used in another horror anthology as well. Let’s just say, with my story, you’ll never look at a woman’s view of westward expansion the same ever again if this comes into being.

Otherwise, I’m fussing with a few solo projects, researching stuff for the next Kingdom City book, and am otherwise keeping busy and trying to keep putting stories out there!

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