Genre Writing: discussions and articles

I’ve been part of some really great genre discussions lately, so I want to make sure to share that for all the writerly types out there. And yes, I apparently do live on Sean Taylor’s blog in my off time.

Last week’s roundtable involved Cross Genre writing, and since this is totally my jam, I had a lot to say – as did some other talented folks. 

” I definitely don’t shy away from blending genres, though. To me it can bring up interesting twists and things the reader may not expect, as well as provide some really nice metaphors, as well. If it doesn’t read well, or seems to forced, I absolutely won’t do it, but if it gives the characters more room to play, if it enriches the world, if it expands the story, I’m game for anything.”

I did an article on Listening to Your Characters, as well. Honestly, sometimes I feel like genre authors depend too much on this sense of control to move the plot along. This is my response to that.

“Don’t get me wrong, we all get excited about particular plot elements that are going to blow minds, we all get nervous about word counts, but if an author is intent on getting the best possible story, sometimes you need to stop yourself in your tracks and listen to your characters.

Would they actually react to a situation the way you assume they would? What might actually come out of their mouths if forced into the specific scene or confrontation you have in mind? If you’re honest with yourself, the answers might surprise you.”

Here’s a great roundtable on why a lot of us started writing. A fun examination of what prompts people to put pen to paper. We all have our reasons, it turns out!

“I’ve always been surrounded by storytellers and stories to some extent. At some point it was a natural progression from playing pretend with my dolls to writing those adventures out (badly) on my toy typewriter…”

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