SJ in five quirks

I’ve been reading a lot of autobiographies lately, and one of the things I like is when you really get insight into the personality you’re reading about. While I love reading about people’s experiences, it’s extra nice if you can get glimpses of their nature or little things and quirks that make them tick. Same with DVD commentaries. I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s commentary because Nia Vardalos is quick to say what family experiences she drew on, which of Toula’s personal quirks are her own, etc. With that in mind, I thought today I’d give you some small, silly insights into the world of SJ. I like adding things like this into my characters’ personalities, though it’s probably because it makes me feel better at my own life oddities.

You’re welcome.

By now you probably get that I like unusual things, I’m a smidge sarcastic, and I generally labrador around a little bit when I’m out and about, because I want to learn everything, appreciate everything. I can be moody and self-aware on the other side of the coin. But I bet you didn’t know…

1. I fully appreciate food for what it is and I don’t feel the need to use condiments all that often, but I do fall madly in love with certain ones and look for excuses to use them without being obvious. My ranch dressing phase in my teens and twenties was so intense that I literally cannot eat ranch dressing anymore. Ketchup is necessary for any kind of potato that isn’t mashed or baked, sausage and other meats that are unto themselves, and selected other foods. I am severely uncomfortable with mustard except in cooking – the only exception being that I’ll jump over a fence to put dijion or honey mustard on sandwiches, though I prefer that they accompany mayo because straight mustard of any sort still freaks me out. I’m currently on a tartar sauce kick, and while I do mainly use it for fish I will fully admit that onion rings are always better with tartar sauce, hands down. My mother is convinced I’m turning into a Godless heathen and I feel a little bad at disappointing her, but then I dip my onion ring in tartar sauce and pretend I can’t hear her.

2. I’ve gotten better through the years, but it’s still my instinct to want to pack for the apocalypse. Whether it’s for conventions, my gym bag, or my purse, I just want to make sure I have anything I might need. Likewise, I could live out of the backseat of my car for a week in the winter because I never want to be caught on the road unprepared. I realize this is a problem and makes me look like a lunatic, but if a supervillain hits my area with a freeze ray, I’ll be ready. For some reason, though, hair ties and lip balm always elude my packing. I usually end up rebuying them, and then find forty thousand of them all at once among my things.

3. While I will admit that I still have to look away at certain parts of horror movies, I actually do this more during comedies and romantic comedies. It’s so embarrassing, but I will totally throw a blanket over my head during parts that just feel too embarrassing. I always feel bad for the characters if there’s a misunderstanding or if they’re made to feel stupid. Maybe my dorky inner teen just identifies too much, but I can never look directly at the screen. Try explaining this to people. It’s a joy, trust me. What can I say, I just get so embarrassed by default…

4. Some people hole up in their rooms, some people hide in their car. I am a bathroom floor person. It doesn’t happen often anymore, but if I’m horrifically overwhelmed, I will usually barricade myself in and curl up in a corner. I don’t know why I feel that this is better than someplace comfortable, but I do. It usually focuses me, or at least speeds up the process of getting built up emotions out. Some days I end up in the tub (clothed, sans water), but usually the floor works. And I’m not a total heathen, I usually roll up a towel if I’m going to be down there for a length of time.

5. I am also one of those people that have five thousand covers on my bed. We’re talking sheets, blanket, couple of comforters…there is nothing better than sleeping in a chilly room and feeling like an entire bedding store is on top of you.  I like pillows, and I’ve recently invested in one of those full U-shaped body pillows. It’s amazing. It’s like sleeping in a giant hug. It’s true that I usually have to burrow into my bed, but it’s totally worth it. Others are also aware that a long time ago I bought an almost life-sized plush wolf at a zoo shop. Fenrir either functions as a body pillow when I’m freezing or sits at my feet and guards the joint. Yes, yes I did name him Fenrir, though he’s had a few names through the years. Yes I’m probably too old for that. I don’t really care, he’s awesome, and I can’t hear your complaints under my five thousand blankets, anyway.

What the hey, here’s one extra…

6. I totally read wikihow articles at night to get to sleep if I’m restless. I’m sad at how far that site has progressed because the rambling, ridiculous early articles were just so entertaining and beautiful, even if they weren’t particularly helpful. I also have a habit of reading spa articles/books to get to sleep, though I rarely ever take the time to try any of them. Apparently just reading them is enough to help me relax, or I prefer sleep to self-indulgence. Vote’s still out on that one.

So how about y’all? What’s one quirky thing that people may not guess/know about you?

2 thoughts on “SJ in five quirks

  1. 3… I hide my face from too much embarrassment in comedies too… I just, I feel the pain, as someone who is an absolute Clutz. My son stopped watching one of his cartoons because of it. He identified too much with the boy, and was always yelling “No, don’t do that!”, and feeling embarrassed for the fictional character. If it were a real life friend, he told me, at least he could help him out. But as a pretend friend, the character just wore out his feelings and made him sad that he couldn’t protect his pretend friend. I love that kid!

    1. Oh I do it all the time. I love the Brit com Miranda, but I literally have to walk out of the room like forty times and episode. It’s hysterical but I just feel so bad for her sometimes and cannot take it! I don’t know that I could even watch a rom com in the theater anymore, that would be excruciating! I agree – it’s just too similar to my own experiences sometimes, I just feel that mortification way too closely. Aw, your son is so cute! His reasoning makes perfect sense to me!

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