5th Annual That Book Place Authors Fair!

So as proof I’m alive, I’ll be taking part in the annual book fair at That Book Place in Madison, Indiana, on April 4! That would be this Saturday, so if you’re in the area, stop by and say hi, meet some fabulous authors, pick up some great books, and come check out an overall really fun event! I’ll be taking part in the crossing genres panel at 8pm on Friday at That Book Place, and then Saturday at the fair proper at the National Armory I’ll be sitting in on the Paranormal and Horror Panels and doing a reading at 5pm. I’m still deciding what pieces of my work I’ll subject innocent people to, but suffice it to say it’s almost guaranteed that a certain short story about an unconventional princess that usually gets a great response will be in the lineup. I actually had a friend and longtime reader ask about that one, so I suppose it’s time to pull up that document and get reacquainted.

Anywho, if you want to hang out with us writerly types and pick up some cool books to get you through the spring and summer, if you want to sit in on some great panels about genre and writing, or even if you just wanna get out and about for a Saturday, well, now you have something to do!

All details about the event can be found at the That Book Place website or on the Facebook event page!

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