Women in Horror: Past Explorations

So, a few years ago I did a really in depth look at different aspects of women in horror. Instead of trying to redo that feat this year when I’ve got all of these awesome ladies and dudes sending me guest posts, I’m re-posting the links of all those entries into one single post. That way, if you’re curious, you can call them up at your whim. I encourage you to read them, because although I could probably be a little more concise now, I still stand by my overall viewpoints. I’ve put basic descriptions of what the posts are in parentheses. Also, keep in mind, I’m not necessarily trying to get on a soap box – I do have mixed feelings about some of these issues, but I also feel that they’re important to discuss and explore. All are under the Women in Horror label, so I’m just giving you the individual topic heading. And while you’re welcome to comment and keep the conversation going, let’s keep it classy, eh? So here we go:

Write Like a Girl (my thoughts on writing in the horror genre as a woman)

My favorites and influences (female authors who have meant a lot to me through the years)

Crazy Chicks (Exploring the crazy lady stereotype)

Badasses (Exploring strong female characters in horror, final girls or otherwise)

Innocents (Exploring the stereotype of the innocent female character)

Is there a problem or is it just the genre? (exploring the role of women creators in the horror genre and genre re-classifications)

Getting Naked (nudity and the uses of it in the genre)

Let’s talk about sex (sex in the horror genre)

We are not meant to be labeled victims (exploring the types of violence and misogyny in the horror genre)



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