The Lost Manuscripts: Jan the Snow Lady

Yeah, sorry. What can I say, I find all sorts of stuff when I’m digging through The Vaults. And since it’s not looking that I’ll have a white Christmas, I’ll just let me grade school past self wax poetic about snow.



Jan the snow lady is cold and eats carrots. She is big and she likes me. And I like her.


One, it’s amazing how much more this looks like in my giant grade school handwriting…geesh. Although there are still days I’d be relieved to get out that kind of word count. Obviously this is one of my first forays into winter fantasy or I was very much influenced by a certain TV special that had recently aired. I also can assure you that there’s no way to make the quality of that illustration better and this is why I don’t do my own covers. I’m amused that apparently even as a kid I was all about changing my hair color back and forth. I’m not quite sure what Jan is wearing, or if the blue is like a winter stylized art choice.

I’m also not sure why there are portals or vortexes around us, but apparently if you feed Jan the snow lady enough carrots she turns into a faceless terror and summons the rest of her kind from the great snowy beyond. Maybe that’s what the Northern Lights are…Jan the great Snow Terror reaching out to her brethren across the Void, alerting them that we are fresh for the plucking and that we have carrots to appease their treacherous kind. Maybe I was even thinking of all the flying snowmen in the other animated snowman special…maybe they all fly from their Snow Dimension to claim the carrots and our very souls as they morph into faceless winter nightmares that would squash dreams of sugarplumbs under their icy feet…

Yeah, I’m sure that’s what I meant. Totally. It’s amazing how much hindsight makes these things so much better.

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