Women in Horror Interview: Violet Tempest

Today I’ve got some Q&A with Violet Tempest, another author from the women in horror anthology The Grotesquerie!
SJ: Why Horror? Why does it appeal to you? 
VT: To be honest, when I sit down to write it’s what pours out onto the screen. Maybe it’s because as far back as I can remember I have been drawn to the dark, strange, and unusual part of life. Instead of being repulsed I’m awed by the beauty of it.   
SJ: What are women’s roles as horror characters? Are we doomed to play the helpless victims? 
VT: To me women’s roles as horror characters should be equal to a man’s. As women we are not weak, and helpless. Women can be the strong character, the one that saves the day, and to be fair women can also be the horror. We can be serial killers, monsters, the psychopath, and I feel that women can be more terrifying in these roles. A writer can have a woman appear soft, innocent, and frail to lure her victims to their terrifying, torturous death. 
 Violet has been kind enough to share a bit of her story, Deceitful Innocence with us today, so check it out!
“P…pl…plea…please, he…help me. Please.” Her quiet sobs echoed softly back, caressing her ears. Making every effort to lift her weak body up off the floor she placed a hand on the door knob that wouldn’t move. Using it, she pulled with every ounce of strength she could muster. Her heavy body was half way up the door when the unmovable object gave way.

With an accompanying click the handle turned, and the door moved a few centimeters. Tingling spread throughout her fleshy limbs giving back strength that had been wiped out. She stood on her feet, and yanked the door open, anticipating someone behind there. A stranger’s face, a stranger’s voice, a body she wouldn’t know; what greeted her was not a face, was not a body. On the other side of the door was an icy cold, swirling blackness that reached out and wrapped wispy tendrils around her body before dragging her toward it.


You can learn more about Violet here!





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