WeWriWa: Sandy

It’s high time I try to get back into this as I can! So today’s Weekend Writing Warriors bit comes from my short story Sandy, that appears in Mocha Memoirs Press’s new anthology, The Grotesquerie. My story is about two sisters, Lucy and Tabby. Lucy’s a teenager struggling to be normal (which is especially hard when you’re not sure if the world you’re seeing is the real world). Unfortunately, her little sister is highly imaginative, especially when it comes to her imaginary friend, Sandy.

This sequence happens when all of Tabby’s friends have decided not to come to her birthday party. Good sport that she is, Lucy agrees to a backyard camp out, bringing the party count up to three: Lucy, Tabby, and Sandy.

Yeah, about that imaginary friend…

The Eight:

“Sandy…is that a girl in your class I forgot?” their mother gasped.

“No, Mommy! It’s Sandy! He’s coming tonight because he’s gonna make the world end and we’re all gonna get to see it!” Tabitha jumped up and down like she had when they’d gone to see Sesame Street Live. “The stars are gonna burn the whole world away, and Sandy’s gonna come up and devour all the bad people and the nonbelievers! I’ve gotta go get ready. We’re gonna have the best time!”


Happy Women In Horror Recognition Month, everybody! <g>

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4 thoughts on “WeWriWa: Sandy

  1. Wow, this is something else! On the surface it’s crazy, but I can totally imagine a little kid who’s different than the rest of us believing this, AND being excited about it. Kids don’t understand what “the world ending” really means. I like this a lot!

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