Seventh Star Press: Read to Review Program

Like to read? Of course you do, you’re here checking out my post. Want free books? Of course you do, everyone likes free stuff, especially a bibliophile full of taste such as yourself. Well lucky for you, my publisher Seventh Star Press is starting a promotion that will put free titles on your hot little e-reader:

If you enjoy reading and don’t mind putting your thoughts about a book on places like Goodreads and Amazon , and would like some free eBooks, we do participate in a read to review program where you can select the book you want to read in exchange for an honest review. If interested, just email for details to tcmpublicity (at)

Please note, this is ONLY Seventh Star Press titles and not anything else covered here on my blog, and this is for e-books. Still, it’s a heck of a deal! Free stuff for an honest opinion of a book? Sounds great to me!

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