Small Business Saturday Means Small Presses, Too

For those who think Small Business Saturday doesn’t have much to do with them because there’s no way you’ll be caught shopping on a holiday weekend, or maybe there’s no small business around you that you’re excited to shop at…may I point out that shopping with small presses is also important. Not only do you get exposed to some authors that you may not have discovered otherwise, but you also help encourage and spread the word about authors that are not only very good, but need exposure they don’t always get easily. Might I suggest the excellent work by the following…

Dark Oak Press – Speculative, literary, non-fiction, crime, steampunk – a little of everything, and all of it great.

Fortress Publishing: some great books and some really excellent magazines (including The Realm Beyond, which I’ve been lucky to be in a couple times)

Mocha Memoirs Press: romance of all heat levels, and some quality speculative fiction, as well. There’s something for everyone here, and a great variety, to boot.

Seventh Star Press: amazing genre fiction that covers all the speculative (sci-fi, fantasy of all types, horror, some cross-overs of genres), plus some of their titles are great for young adults, as well. You can also now order straight from the site catalog (as well as all the regular vendors) AND get direct e-book links for kindle, nook, kobo, and more!

And of course, if you’re looking for titles by an up-and-coming author you’d like to encourage, might I suggest giving my own growing library a try

Remember to support small presses and indie/small press authors – I think you’ll be surprised at the gems you’ll find!

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