SSP Welcomes AshleyRose Sullivan!

ARSullivan Author Photo


Seventh Star Press is proud to welcome AshelyRose Sullivan to its author family with the addition of two fascinating and imaginative new series!

The first series, Cape and Cowl, is a super hero fairy tale that brings to life the world of Awesome Jones.  The series gets underway with the release of the first book, The Astonishing Adventures of Awesome Jones and Lona Chang, in early 2014.

Readers of the first book will discover that the only thing Awesome Jones wants is to be a super hero. Until he falls in love.

Despite his colorful name, Awesome Jones is a painfully average man who dreams of being a super hero, just like the ones who patrol his city. It’s been that way since he was a little boy, raised by his grandfather after his parents’ death.

The day Jones starts his new job as a file clerk at Akai Printing Company he meets secretary Lona Chang and everything changes. Lona sees something in Jones that no one ever has and the two quickly become inseparable. But when the perfect pair’s domestic bliss is threatened by a super-powered secret from the past, Awesome Jones has to make a choice. He must decide whether he should play it safe or find the strength to live up to his name and risk everything he’s come to love to save the day like he always dreamed.

Also to be published by Seventh Star Press is the cross-genre/alt-history YA series Quicksilver, which will debut in 2014 with the first book Silver Tongue, followed by Silver Coat, and then Silver Smith.

Silver Tongue introduces Claire, a daughter of Sky Clan, who carries the power of persuasion, a way with words that is more than just skillful; it’s supernatural.  When a dear friend’s family is murdered, Claire must embark on a journey with her companions that will see them cross paths with a host of characters from both antiquity and literature, including Auguste Dupin, an idealistic P.T Barnum, and the mysterious, alluring William Frankenstein.

Claire’s story is a mix of fantasy and fact, full of magic, monsters, and mystery on the Mighty Mississippi. Weaving together fantasy themes like loyalty and self-discovery with tropes from classical literature and an off-kilter American history, Silver Tongue promises to be a bright new addition to the speculative fiction realms!

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